Welch Allyn DS48 Platinum Series Adult Integrated Aneroid - Adult cuff

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Product Overview

Welch Allyn DS48 Adult Integrated Aneroid: Unsurpassed Reliability

The consummate professionals at Welch Allyn announce the first major innovation in aneroid technology in one hundred years and present the Welch Allyn Platinum series DS48 Adult integrated aneroid blood pressure measurement system. The integrated style gauge and single tube adapter plug directly into the integrated Flexiport cuff. When performing a blood pressure measurement, the gauge rests directly on the outer part of the patients’ arm. Super shock resistant and lighter weight than most traditional models, the DS48 is able to withstand a drop of up to 60 inches and still maintain calibration, meeting double the AAMI shock resistant standard and providing unsurpassed accuracy, durability and reliability.

The top of the line jewel movement in the manometer along with our easy to read laser engraved dial face and premium latex free inflation system make this product a favorite among discerning medical professionals everywhere. The one year product warranty and lifetime recalibration warranty along with the enhanced technological durability enhancements make this platinum level device more cost effective over its lifetime. When producing this instrument, Welch Allyn took into account the most up to date ergonomic considerations and the most advanced technology available to bring this innovative instrument to market. Family owned and operated for nearly one hundred years, the Welch Allyn company continually strives to improve the sensitivity, accuracy, reliability, and durability of their instruments while also advancing the ease and comfort of their use for both the patients and the medical professional.


Warranty Information

Lifetime calibration warranty 1 Year product warranty


(No reviews yet) Write a Review