Veterinary Stethoscopes by Prestige Medical

High quality is a signature for all of Prestige Medical products, and their veterinary stethoscopes are no different. That’s why Baron Medical is excited to present you with this line of Prestige Medical tools. Carefully handcrafted and rigorously tested, their stethoscopes provide you with the precise tools you need to properly examine and diagnose our furry friends. Consistently rated highly by satisfied customers, their dual headed veterinary stethoscopes benefit from their stainless steel construction by providing industry-setting acoustic standards that are further accentuated by its stainless steel binaural.

Need to check up on a Tibetan Mastiff but can’t reach all the way under their warm bellies to get a proper read? No problem! Designed by veterinarians for veterinarians, these veterinary stethoscopes incorporate longer and thicker 2” tubing that give you sharper and clearer sound signals, regardless of the patient’s pet’s size.

Coming in at a extremely light weight of 15oz, these stethoscopes are feather light and durable. You’ll hardly notice it hanging around your neck, so no need to worry about any fatigue that may arise from carrying it around all day. Prestige’s veterinary stethoscopes are built with both vet and pet in mind, in order to ensure that both parties are as comfortable as possible for each check-up. Also, these stethoscopes are incredibly wallet friendly. With fair and affordable pricing, we strive to put the necessary tools in the right hands to make sure all our pets are properly taken care of.

All Prestige Medical stethoscopes feature:


  • Two different soft ear sizes
  • Longer tubing
  • Latex-free PVC tubes
  • A replacement diaphragms
  • A lifetime warranty with free lifetime Replacement parts.


At Baron Medical, your satisfaction is our highest priority. That is why we offer some of the fastest shipping at the best and most convenient prices. We ship anywhere in the U.S, with a flat $7.95 shipping rate for all order under $99, and we offer free shipping for any order over $99. Not satisfied with your order? Return it within 50 days of your purchase at no extra cost and receive a full refund. So order today and let us help you keep your furry loved ones happy and healthy!

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