Welch Allyn Aneroids

Baron Medical is proud to present you with our extensive line of Welch Allyn products. Founded in 1915, Welch Allyn has developed into a leading innovator in the manufacturing of medical devices. Welch Allyn sphygmomanometers in particular have set industry wide standards in the design and production of all aneroid sphygmomanometers.

Welch Allyn Quality

Welch Allyn sphygmomanometers

Family owned since their beginning in New York, they understand our concerns over our health and the health of our loved ones from a first hand experience, and that’s why Welch Allyn’s blood pressure monitors are made to rigorously high design standards. Welch Allyn puts patients’ health first and minds at ease with the unequaled level of dependability found in all of their monitors. In medicine, there is no room for error, and the accuracy found in all of Welch Allyn’s sphygmomanometers is second to none in order to ensure that users everywhere get the proper readings needed to check and diagnose patients properly.

Welch Allyn products are guaranteed to please customers and include the following:

  • A durable design. Welch Allyn products are built to last.
  • Lightweight material so not to weigh you down as you go from patient to patient.
  • Varying cuff sizes to fit any patient’s arm width.
  • Industry standard specification to meet any and all clinical guidelines.
  • Wide covering warranties, including replacement parts and calibrations.

With so many helpful and high quality add-ons, it’s no wonder why Welch Allyn is the go-to name for anyone in any medical field, and anyone enjoying the rigors of medical school. Doctors, nurses and students everywhere put their unequivocal trust in Welch Allyn, and time and time again, Welch Allyn sphygmomanometers and any of their products have never failed to deliver and neither will we.

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