Electronic Stethoscopes For Accurate Readings

At Baron Medical, one of the primary instruments we focus our efforts on is stethoscopes. These diagnostic tools serve a purpose unlike no other; doctors, nurses, and medical students rely on them on a daily basis. Because of this recognized importance that comes with electronic stethoscopes, we as medical supply retailers make sure to keep up to date with the latest developments.

Electronic Stethoscope

As such, we’ve made it a priority to provide our customers with more than just one electronic model to choose from. Below are some examples of the quality electronic stethoscopes we currently have available. If you’d like to find out more about our selection, feel free to browse our products and contact us for further information.

3M Littmann Model 3100

In the world of electronic stethoscopes, Littmann is a true leader. Known for their superior quality and technology, Littmann electronic stethoscopes are among the medical tools we’re proudest to supply to our customers; not many names match that of 3M Littmann in terms of reputation.

The model 3100 offers a noise-eliminating feature that cancels out an average of 85% of environmental noise, as well as 24x sound amplification technology. Also standard is a perfect acoustic seal that similar electronic stethoscopes cannot match. Find out more here.

Electronic Stethoscope

ADC Adscope 657

ADC’s Adscope 657 model is known for its superior acoustic amplification: it amplifies sound on average more than 16 times that of comparable models. While the Adscope 657 is technologically superior, it also offers earpieces known for their comfort and cushion.

Compare, customize and ship

One of the digital tools we’re most excited to offer you is our quick view tool, which allows you to add different features to your item of choice, while comparing pricing, features, and product capabilities of other items. Medical diagnostic tools come equipped with an amazing variety of different features and components, but this comparative tool allows our customers to view everything side by side without having to click between pages. It’s all at your fingertips when Baron Medical is your source for medical equipment, supplies and tools.

For healthcare professionals and students who prefer a unique, personalized touch, we’re also happy to offer extra customization of our electronic stethoscopes. Engraving is just $9.95 for names or messages up to 25 characters long.

Once you’re ready to go through the checkout process, you won’t have to worry about a steep shipping charge: shipping is free on orders totaling $95 and higher, and we utilize a flat rate option for orders below that mark. Shop and ship with confidence, knowing that your electronic stethoscopes will ship to you easily and painlessly!

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