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Single Head Stethoscope: Most Preferred By Doctors

While the dual head stethoscope is commonly used in healthcare, the single head stethoscope is still widely preferred among certain practitioners and students for its unique benefits. Due to its wide frequency range and exceptionally clear sound quality, it is typically the favored model among cardiologists. Nurses also appreciate the sleek design of the single head for its ability to slip under blood pressure cuffs and bandages. The single head model is also convenient for students and professionals with a heavy workload; the tunable diaphragm means listeners can gauge different sounds with a subtle adjustment, rather than having to flip the chest piece over. At Baron Medical, we carry a range of single head stethoscopes as part of our mission to serve medical professionals and students of all types.

A Basic Stethoscope for a Range of Diagnostic Needs

Simple yet exceptionally accurate, the Prestige Medical Basic Single Head Stethoscope is a favorite among nurses and nursing students. The slim chest piece fits easily under blood pressure cuffs for basic diagnostic readings, and the extremely affordable price makes it accessible to nurses and students on virtually any budget.

For those who wish to upgrade for just a few dollars more, the Prestige Medical Single Head Stethoscope offers an ergonomically designed chest piece, soft PVC eartips, and a lifetime warranty with free replacement parts to match. This model also comes in six appealing colors to make a more personalized instrument.

An Ideal Teaching Stethoscope

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In an educational setting, having two sets of binaurals attached to the same chest piece can be invaluable. No matter how well students and teachers may communicate with each other, there’s nothing quite so effective as being able to listen to the same thing simultaneously. With its nurse-style diaphragm, the ADC Proscope 661 Single Head Teaching Stethoscope offers two sets of soft, flexible, PVC tubing connecting the dual binaurals to a single tube that leads to the shared chest piece. Lightweight at 6.5 ounces, this model’s 44.5” length helps teacher and student listen to a patient’s systems simultaneously without any crowding. The ADC Proscope 661 is also built to last, with a one year warranty and two spare pairs of soft, black mushroom eartips.

A Model for Infant Care

For those working in pediatrics, the best-selling ADC Proscope 660 is a single head stethoscope designed especially for infants. Its nurse-style diaphragm measures just 1.75” in diameter, allowing for greater dexterity and sound accuracy for use on tiny patients. In fact, the chest piece’s unique design offers acoustics 50% more reliable than what you’ll find in conventional models.

This stethoscope is also designed with patient comfort in mind, with a non-chill rim fitted to the diaphragm. Created with the understanding that infants find bright colors appealing, this model comes in 21 different colors intended to distract and calm patients who are sick, hurting, or frightened. With its extremely affordable price, even students will be able to afford multiple color options to switch out through the week. As with other ADC models, this single head stethoscope comes with spare black mushroom eartips and a one year warranty.

An Array of Options to Suit Wide-Ranging Needs

At Baron Medical, we strive to provide doctors, nurses, and students with a range of options to suit virtually any preference. With the understanding that a single head stethoscope can be extremely valuable for nurses, cardiologists, or students on a budget, we have made a point to keep a generous selection available in our inventory. Whether teaching, studying, nursing, or tending to infants, our selection of stethoscopes with sleek, nurse-style diaphragms should suit your needs. If you have any questions or a need for an item not listed in our catalogue, please do not hesitate to contact us. As always, we look forward to serving your medical supply needs.

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