Teaching & Training

Baron Medical provides a training stethoscope to meet your needs, whether you’re a student or an educator. Equipped with dual sets of earpieces, these instruments enable those with a trained ear to listen in as new medical or nursing students learn.

Made from soft silicone, thick-walled PVC and stainless steel, the Prestige Medical Clinical I® Teaching Edition 45” “two-headed” training stethoscope is a favorite among our customers. Weighing in at only 8.7 oz, it comes with a lifetime guarantee plus replacement parts, as needed, for decades to come.

The Sprague-Rappaport Model For Added Value

Teaching and Training Stethoscopes

The Prestige Medical Sprague-Rappaport Teaching Edition training stethoscope is another binaural model, providing instructors the ability to listen in and evaluate whether their students are discerning sound cues accurately.

In such models, dual sets of earpieces connect by way of their own flexible, latex-free tubing to a single, dual-sided chestpiece. The two sides of the chestpiece allow the listeners to hear the low frequency tones on the bell side, while the diaphragm side provides access to higher frequency sounds.

This model also gives the extra space needed to allow two people to perform an exam without crowding the space of the patient. Lightweight, this unit can be worn around the neck with ease and comfort, ready to be used at a moment’s notice.

Teaching and Training Stethoscopes

The Adscope for Extra Precision

The Adscope 613 Clinician Teaching Stethoscope is crafted from surgical stainless steel to exacting specifications. This design allows listeners to hear exceptionally low frequency tones on the extra-large 1 3/8” bell side, plus the higher frequency tones on the 1 7/8” diaphragm side with crystal clarity. This training stethoscope also has a non-chill bell and diaphragm retaining ring to provide a comfortable examination for every patient.

What’s more, the dual clinical headsets on this training stethoscope - one blue and one black - make it easy to distinguish which is for the instructor and which is for the student. Both headsets have reinforcing yokes that are molded into our soft, flexible, 22” PVC tubing. A stainless steel binaural fixed at a 15 degree angle ends in Adsoft-threaded, PVC eartips for maximum comfort and an exceptional acoustic seal. With an overall length of 43 inches, this model gives the extra space needed to allow two people to perform an exam without crowding. The light weight of only 9.4 oz makes it easy to wear around the neck or carry in a large pocket.

Teaching and Training Stethoscopes

Baron Medical sells the Adscope 613 training stethoscope at an exceptionally affordable rate, and a Lifetime Warranty covers all parts. In addition, it comes with a scope ID tag and an accessory kit including a spare diaphragm, extra Adsoft eartips, and spare standard eartips. This will ensure that a quick replacement can be made “on the spot” if necessary. Flat rate shipping is provided for up to $95, and FREE shipping and returns are provided for orders $95 and above. While browsing our catalogue, we encourage you to check out our single-user stethoscopes as well. With a range of available options, we’re sure to provide the instrument with a personal touch that will last you throughout your career.

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