As a medical professional, you understand the importance of an accurate temperature reading. The body’s temperature can be indicative of a number of different conditions, so it’s essential to have a thermometer you can trust.

Purchase the Best Thermometer to Treat Your Patients

It’s not always easy to get a precise temperature reading. Some patients ─ especially kids ─ have trouble sitting still while the device works its magic. An instrument that makes this process quick and efficient is a must-have, to help you make an accurate diagnosis.

We’re proud to offer the following high-quality thermometers, to make the temperature taking process quick and easy:

  • ADC Adtemp 424 Infrared Ear Thermometer: Ear thermometers are ideal for any medical practice. It is easy to use and offers instant measurements of the core body temperature. Cost-effective disposable probe covers are used in conjunction with this electromagnetic ear thermometer, to ensure the device remains hygienic. Enjoy one-second measurements, a large 6mm illuminated display screen, a wide temperature range, a fever alarm at 99.5 degrees, the ability to switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius, an auto off function to conserve battery life, a convenient desktop storage caddy and more.
  • ADC Adtemp 427 Temple Touch Thermometer: Choose this type of thermometers for use in your pediatric practice, as its innovative design produces an accurate reading in just six seconds. It includes a variety of impressive features, such as the ability to take a non-invasive forehead temperature reading, less risk of contamination and no need to purchase disposable probe covers, auto off function conserves battery life, easy-to-hear beep when measurement is ready, autosaved last reading memory, water resistant and more. The device weighs just 1.3oz, making it easy to carry in your pocket on-the-go.
  • ADC Adtemp Digital Ear Thermometer: Enjoy the most accurate readings possible when using this tympanic thermometer. The device features instant and accurate readings from a variety of temperature ranges, spanning from 89.6°F to 108°F. The device offers a wide variety of benefits, including an impressive 12 reading memory. Enjoy a large 6mm illuminated display, making it easy to see the readings. It features an ergonomic design that will fit just as comfortably in your hand as it does inside your patients’ ears. It is fully equipped with a lithium battery, storage case and a comprehensive set of operating instructions.

 Whether you’re treating patients in your office or your family at home, you need a high-quality thermometer to obtain a precise temperature reading. Invest in a name you trust to ensure you’re purchasing a product you can rely on.

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