The basic stethoscope is a necessity for many different professions in the medical field. This important diagnostic tool is important in detection of medical issues in the bowels, heart, and lungs. Available in many different models and price ranges, Baron Medical Supply has a variety of different stethoscopes designed to meet the needs of students and medical professionals alike. .

Single Head Stethoscopes

Less frequently used than dual head stethoscopes, the single head model may still be the preference of some practitioners, and is the most commonly selected stethoscope for cardiologists due to the clarity in sound and vast range in frequency.

Our single-head stethoscopes are thin in size and are able to be slipped under cuffs with ease. A tunable diaphragm feather allows practitioners to hear a variety of sounds with a simple adjustment, rather than having to flip the chest piece over.

Dual Head Stethoscopes

A dual head stethoscope is the preference of most practitioners due to its versatility. Each head on the stethoscope has the ability to listen to varying frequencies of sound. In order to listen to the different frequencies, the chest piece on the scope must be turned over to access the different heads.

Baron Medical Supply has a wide variety of dual headed scopes including models specifically manufactured for use on infants. One of our most popular models is the Prestige Medical Ultra-Sensitive Stethoscope. Its traditional design makes it easy to use and the sensitive random fiber diaphragm delivers clear, high quality sound.

Fun Scopes

Visiting a doctor or hospital can be a very traumatizing experience for a child, and we know that you want children to feel as relaxed and safe as possible. Our Fun Scopes combine a basic stethoscope with an added element of entertainment that is sure to calm your younger patients.

These creative scopes feature colorful images on the head of the scope while still maintaining the functionality and precision of any normal stethoscope. Children can’t wait to see which animal you have on your ADC Animals Pediatric Stethoscope with interchangeable faces!

Sprague Stethoscopes

For over one hundred years, Sprague has delivered quality basic stethoscopes to a variety of medical professionals. ADC and Prestige Medical provide a variety of options of stethoscopes with dual heads ranging from 24” to 31.5” in length.

Available in a variety of different colors, Sprague stethoscopes deliver supreme quality in sound and ease in use. Many of our models come loaded with features such as ID tags, lightweight models, air-filled ear tips, and non-chill sleeves. Treat yourself to a Sprague stethoscope today to discover why they are the most widely used stethoscopes in the medical field.

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