Pink Stethoscopes

Scrubs, personal protective equipment, head coverings...with all the required apparel you wear as a medical professional (or student), you may not be able to showcase your personality and femininity through your clothes, so why not do it through your medical tools? Baron Medical has a wide variety of pink stethoscopes in a diverse array of models so you are sure to find one that meets your needs.

Many Different Pinks

Who knew there are so many different versions of pink? Our vibrant stethoscopes come in creative colors such as raspberry, pearl pink, peach, coral pink, and raspberry with rainbow. Not only will you love showing off a little of your personality, but your patients will also enjoy seeing a little burst of color in an otherwise mundane place.

Aside from the visual appeal of a pink stethoscope, the difference in color from other stethoscopes will ensure that your stethoscope does not get lost or mixed up with another professional’s tool.

High Quality Performance

Baron Medical’s pink stethoscopes not only look attractive, but they perform to perfection. Trusted brands such as Littmann offer exciting models in a variety of lengths whether you are looking for an infant, pediatric, or classic stethoscope.

Models such as the 3M Littmann Classic II S.E. 28” Stethoscope in Raspberry with Rainbow offer the comfort and professional diagnosing abilities that you have come to expect from a name like Littmann. Features such as soft ear tips, flexible ear pieces, and extraordinary acoustic sensitivity make this particular model  a favorite among medical professionals.

Made To Last Products

At Baron Medical, we only provide our customers with products that meet the highest standards. All of our pink stethoscopes are durable and withstand repeated daily use without losing their operational quality. The flexible quality of all of the scopes allow them to withstand even the roughest conditions.

Our colored stethoscopes have an integrated flexible chest piece with an open bell on one side and a tunable diaphragm on the other. The 3M technology on each pink stethoscope makes it easy to listen to both high and low-frequency tones by adjusting the amount of pressure you place on your patient’s chest.

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Do not underestimate how a little thing such as the color of your stethoscope can impact a patient’s day.  Many patients, particularly children who are fighting a disease or illness, find brightness and hope in the smallest of things.

Browse Baron Medical’s complete selection of pink stethoscopes today to find your perfect shade. We offer free shipping and returns on all orders over $99 and flat rate shipping on all other orders. At Baron Medical, we make it our priority to provide all of our customers with quality products and exceptional customer service. We are happy to assist you with any questions you may have regarding our medical supplies and equipment.

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