Clinical Stethoscope in a Variety of Types And Colors

Clinical and Classic Stethoscopes

Baron Medical offers the 3M Littmann Classic II S.E.Stethoscope 28", which offers superior sound quality coupled with outstanding comfort. With their enhanced durability, they could very well be the only stethoscope you’ll need for years to come.


No matter what else a stethoscope may have going for it, the instrument is useless unless it provides clear sound at a range of frequencies. The greater surface area of the patented, tunable diaphragm on the Littmann Classic II S.E. Stethoscope increases the sound intensity, especially in low-frequency responses. What’s more, the snap-tight, soft-sealing eartips block out any environmental noise with an excellent acoustical seal.

The two-sided chest piece, with an open bell on one side and a tunable diaphragm on the other, provides the ability to switch from hearing low frequency to high frequency tones with a simple adjustment in pressure on your patient’s chest.


Whether a doctor, nurse, or med student, you’ll be wearing your stethoscope throughout long shifts; the last thing you’ll need is sore ears. The patented 3M Littmann snap-tight, soft-sealing eartips are designed for maximum comfort. As an added benefit, this classic stethoscope has a non-chill rim on both the bell and the diaphragm, providing additional comfort for all of your patients.


This Littmann classic stethoscope is very durable and comes with a one million flex reliability guarantee on the earpieces. The manufacturers understand how hard doctors, nurses, and patients all work, plus how invaluable it is for them to be able to rely on their stethoscopes. These instruments are so rugged, compact and versatile, that we feel confident offering a three year warranty on them.


Bright, cheerful colors have been known to put patients at ease, especially in the pediatric ward. Sometimes brightly colored instruments can become a conversation piece, easing fears and tensions. The tubes to our classic stethoscope come in 22 different colors, enough to match your favorite scrub outfit, support a favorite sports team, or just to express your individuality a bit. To make the stethoscope even more your own (and to protect against loss), we can even engrave it with your name for a small fee.

A lightweight version of our classic stethoscope

Clinical and Classic Stethoscopes

If you are looking for something a little lighter, Baron Medical also carries the 3M Littmann Lightweight II S.E. Stethoscope 28” in seven available colors.

The specially designed, teardrop-shaped chest piece is made to fit body contours and accommodate the use of a blood pressure cuff, although it is also useful for general purposes and basic physical assessments. The patented, tunable diaphragm technology allows you to adjust your listening from higher frequency tones to lower ones with a slight adjustment in pressure on the chest piece, just as with Littmann’s other models. The soft-sealing ear pieces provide excellent acoustics, along with the same snap-tight feature. As with all Littmann products, this model comes with a one million flex reliability guarantee.

For the doctor, nurse, or student who travels to many departments or locations on a regular basis, it can be extremely convenient to own more than one stethoscope. That’s why we offer free shipping with an order of two or more stethoscopes. Please browse our online catalogue today and feel confident that you’ll be provided with the highest quality supplies, with excellent customer service and an affordable price.

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