ADC Vistascope 655 Acrylic Clinician Stethoscope

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Product Overview

If you feel like you’ve been missing the opportunity to get your funky on and bring a little fun into your medical practice, then this ADC Vitascope 655 Acrylic Clinician stethoscope is the one for you. With six colors of our super soft and flexible dual bore 22” PVC tubing to choose from’ and eight printed designer diaphragms to choose from, you can take your ho hum stethoscope to holy cow in just seconds. Of course this fun scope has all the fabulous technical and comfort related elements you’ve come to expect from ADC, including the large bore stainless steel binaural, which is fixed at a 15 degree angle for your maximum comfort and the patented Adsoft deluxe PVC ear tips, which provide not only comfort but also outstanding acoustic reliability.

In addition, the fashionable diaphragm only chest piece is lightweight and will give you twice the amplification of traditional acoustic scopes. At just 5 ounces, this scope will be a pleasure to have with you all day. The fun nature of this scope is going to help in putting your patients at ease and will give your littlest charges something fun to think about during what can sometimes be scary exams. The lifetime warranty on all parts tells you that we stand behind our product because we know it’s going to last. Also included a scope ID tag so you never have to worry about losing your super fun new stethoscope.

The Adscope™ 655 series features:

  • Diaphragm only type chestpiece fabricated from lightweight acrylic provides up to twice the amplification of conventional acoustic scopes
  • Lightweight scope is neither bulky nor awkward to use
  • Clinical headset boasts reinforcing yoked molded into the flexible 22" PVC tubing and stainless steel binaurals fixed at 15º angle for greater comfort
  • Adsoft™ threaded PVC eartips for the ultimate in wearing comfort and acoustic seal
  • Eight printed designer diaphragms included for personalizing scope
  • Scope ID Tag included
  • Lifetime Warranty on metal parts
  • Weighs 5 oz.
  • Overall length 31.5"
  • Lifetime Warranty covers all parts


Warranty Information

Lifetime Warranty Covers All Parts


(No reviews yet) Write a Review