Prestige Medical Clinical I Stethoscope

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Ideal use for:
General Practitioners, Critical Care Nurses, Internists, ER, Medical Students, EMTs

Product Overview

A classic dual head chest piece does not mean this Prestige medical clinical 1 stethoscope is ordinary. Our stainless steel construction means this unit will stand up to the most rugged conditions. With just the twist of our chest piece you can change from the bell mode for hearing lower frequency heart sounds to diaphragm mode for listening to higher frequency heart and lung sounds. We also know you care about your patients comfort and have designed our chest piece with a non chill diaphragm and bell ring. In addition, we’ve included a spare diaphragm and made it super easy to change out. Our premium silicon ear tips are so soft, you’ll be listening to your patient with a complete acoustic seal that’s completely comfortable on your ear. We also give you spare PVC ear tips just in case you like those better. With a lifetime warranty and lifetime of free replacement parts, it’s hard to imagine you wouldn’t feel completely comfortable purchasing the Prestige clinical 1 stethoscope. The nineteen color options and incredibly economical price point mean you’ll be able to get a different color for every day of the week and more for special occasions. Whether you’re in a medical office or busy emergency room setting, in a home healthcare situation, or out in the field as a paramedic, this scope is going to stand up to the heavy duty use you need to put it through day in and day out, and still keep on working.

How do I know if my stethoscope is on diaphragm or bell mode?

  1. Look on the chest piece diagram below for the sound indicator, for example on the photo the bell mode is alighned with the sound indicator so it's on bell mode.
  2. Scratch, do not tap, the chest piece to test whether it is active. Tapping can be heard on both active and inactive sides, and will confuse you.


Warranty Information

Lifetime with Free Lifetime Replacement Parts


(No reviews yet) Write a Review