Welch Allyn DS58 Platinum Hand Aneroid - Family PracticeKit

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Product Overview

When you mention Welch Allyn, you’re referring to the top of the line medical instruments that medical professionals prefer. That’s why the Platinum DS58 Family Practice Hand aneroid sphygmomanometer kit is so sought after by discriminating family practice doctors. Lighter weight than most traditional models, this super shock resistant model still meets double the AAMI shock resistant standard by being able to withstand a drop of up to 60 inches and still maintain calibration providing unsurpassed reliability.

Meant for a family practice office, this model comes with four cuff sizes including large adult, adult, small adult and child. The one year product warranty and lifetime recalibration warranty, along with the gear free DuraShock technology and the top of the line jewel movement in the manometer makes this platinum level device more cost effective over the life of the instrument. All the benefits of a traditional hand held design, combined with industry leading technology, this unit comes with a laser engraved manometer dial face that makes accurate readings easier.

The premium, ergonomic, latex free, inflation system makes taking blood pressure measurements easy and comfortable for both the patient and the medical professional. The handy carrying case and easy assembly makes this a preferred tool for family practice offices everywhere. Welch Allyn continuously researches and develops ways to improve and advance our products so that we are always able to bring you, our medical professional clients, the top of the line, most reliable and accurate instruments available. When you buy Welch Allyn, you’re buying nearly a hundred years of American expertise and precision.


Warranty Information

Lifetime calibration warranty 1 Year product warranty


(No reviews yet) Write a Review