Welch Allyn DS45 Silver Series Integrated Aneroid, Choose Cuff

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Product Overview

When you’re looking to upgrade your current blood pressure measuring system, you’ll want to consider the Welch Allyn Silver series DS45 integrated aneroid sphygmomanometer. This kit provides durablility, versatility and a variety of color coded cuff sizes to choose from including; child (green with white print), adult (navy blue), small adult (royal blue), large adult (burgundy) and the thigh cuff (black). The color coding of the cuff sizes, makes finding the one you need fast and efficient. When you need to get a critical blood pressure measurement, you don’t want to waste time trying to find the right cuff for the job.

The cuffs are manufactured to maximize patient comfort with folded edges that reduce cuts and scrapes and the entire unit is latex free. Featuring our gear free shock resistant DuraShock design, this unit will withstand a 30 inch drop and remain in calibration. The compact and lightweight integrated FlexiPort cuff mounted manometer design makes taking accurate blood pressure measurements easy and fast. Specialty features such as the 360 degree rotation of the laser engraved manometer, which makes accurate reading much easier, along with the dial bumper for protection of the gauge, and the large inflation bulb with its high quality air release valve for easy inflation and deflation, make this well thought out instrument a favorite with medical professionals and laymen alike. The DS45 meets all the latest clinical guidelines for proper fit from the AAMI and the AHA and comes with a one year product warranty and a ten year calibration warranty.


Warranty Information

1 Year warranty 10-year calibration warranty


(No reviews yet) Write a Review