Welch Allyn Operating Otoscope Head - Model 21700

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Product Overview

When you need an otoscope appropriate for the operating theater, you’ll want to have the Welch Allyn operating otoscope head, modle 21700. This unit is an open system with a rotatable lens and optional speculum. With 30% brighter, whiter distal light, provided by our fiber optics, you’ll be able to clearly see everything you need to in order to perform flawless procedures. From the external auditory canal to the tympanic membrane and the cochlea to the Eustachian tube, this instrument will bring everything into clear sharp magnified focus.

Welch Allyn is a family owned company with nearly one hundred years of experience and expertise. They have made it their business to stay at the forefront of medical, technological and ergonomic advancements in the field of medical instrumentation. Welch Allyn is a name you can trust when it comes to purchasing medical instruments, and they are preferred by medical professionals throughout the industry, due to the exceptional innovation, reliability, precision and durability of their instruments,. Whether you’re in an operating theater or performing procedures in your medical office, this amazing light weight and compact instrument is going to provide you with the technical accuracy and efficiency you demand. The one year warranty lets you know that the Welch Allyn company stands behind their products and our competitive price helps you stay ahead of the crowd with your procedural instruments, ensuring that you always have the best tools available for your precision oriented surgical and procedural work.

Warranty Information

1 Year warranty


(No reviews yet) Write a Review