Welch Allyn Digital Macro View Otoscope Head - Model 23920

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Product Overview

Known for their medical instrument innovation for nearly one hundred years, this new Welch Allyn digital macro view otoscope head, Model 23920 shows just how far they have come. This amazing otoscope is technologically advanced, user friendly and affordable. When ear health is your goal, the 23920 will be your preferred tool for diagnosis and recording your findings for later comparisons.

This unit provides you with clear live images as well as still images of the ear canal and tympanic membrane and allows you to show them to your patient giving you a more comprehensive way to communicate the current diagnosis and your recommended treatment. You’ll also be able to save the images you take and use that information to easily consult with other professionals as well as compare them to past and future examinations to look for changes.

The digital MacroView system is plug and play, making it easy to learn and use. Compatible with a wide range of Welch Allyn 3.5 volt power sources, and complete with an insufflators port for pneumatic otoscopy and a zoom feature for even more magnification, this unit will be invaluable in your practice. In addition to viewing minute details of your patient’s ears, you’ll also be able to use this otoscope on their hearing aids to examine them for possible problems. If you work in a medical teaching situation, the images you are able to get and store will be extremely valuable when describing various conditions.

  • Improves communication, which can lead to better patient compliance 
  • Allows you to store digital images in patient records for enhanced documentation of exam findings
  • Provides you the ability to share images with other providers as visual descriptive reference 
  • Gives you an excellent training aid for educational purposes
  • Offers you the ability to view small details of tubes and hearing aids
  • Insufflation port for pneumatic otoscopy
  • Compatible with the range of Welch Allyn 3.5V power sources
  • Zoom feature for enhanced viewing


Warranty Information

1 Year warranty


(No reviews yet) Write a Review