Welch Allyn Pneumatic Otoscope Head Model 20200

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Product Overview

The economically priced Welch Allyn pneumatic otoscope head, model 20200 comes complete with our trade mark Halogen HPX lamp to provide you with long lasting and consistent, bright white cool light, ensuring true tissue color observation every time. The rotating lens with ultraseal technology allows for comfortable, simple and effective pneumatic otoscopy. When performing pneumatic otoscopy it is critical to have an airtight seal and a clear view of the eardrum in order to properly evaluate the mobility in order to properly diagnose otitis media. The model 20200 will allow medical professionals to perform this procedure with comfortable delicacy for the patient while providing precise visual observation of the eardrum.

With nearly one hundred years of experience and expertise, Welch Allyn, a family owned company has made it their business to stay at the forefront of medical, technological and ergonomic advancements in the field of medical instrumentation. Preferred by medical professionals throughout the industry, for the exceptional innovation, reliability, precision and durability of their instruments, Welch Allyn is a name you can trust when it comes to purchasing medical instruments. Whether you’re practicing in a doctor’s office, busy emergency room, industrial or school medical office or you’re normally out in the field as a paramedic or home health care provider, this amazing light weight and compact instrument is going to provide you with the technical accuracy and proficiency you demand. Our competitive price allows you to equip your medical office and your medical kit each with their own unit. The one year warranty lets you know that the Welch Allyn company stands behind their products.


Warranty Information

1 Year warranty


(No reviews yet) Write a Review