ADC Diagnostix 700 Pocket Aneroid Sphygmomanometer

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Product Overview

When you’re looking for a sturdy and portable sphygmomanometer, that meets or exceeds ANSI/AAMI/ISO 8160-1, then you’re going to want to make sure you get the ADC Diagnostix 700 Pocket Aneroid sphygmomanometer. This amazing instrument is preferred among discriminating professionals. The chrome plated precision 300mmHG manometer features a luminescent dial with bold numerals and extended graduation marks that make it easy to read in any light condition and from almost any angle. Our Adcuff nylon cuff comes with ADC’s proprietary size guide and marking system which prevents cuffing mistakes. The Adflow filter screen check and deflation valves are designed to reduce dust build up and the patented chrome plated brass air release valve comes equipped with micro threads to allow for precise deflation control. This remarkable unit comes with a handy leatherette carrying case that features a sturdy nylon zipper, making it perfect for keeping in your medical kit, or for your household first aid kit. Ideal for home health care workers, this unit is small but exceedingly functional and reliable. The manometer will be recalibrated, free of charge for life and the entire unit comes with a three year warranty. Assembled, inspected and packaged in the United States, this unit will be reliable and accurate when you need it to be. Whether you have this in your office practice, your medical kit or you just want to have it for home use, this sphygmomanometer is durable, reliable and portable, making it your first line of defense when you need to get a blood pressure result quickly and accurately.

The 700 series features:

  • Chrome-plated precision crafted 300mmHg manometer
  • Luminescent dial features bold numerals and extended graduation marks for easy reading in all light conditions and from virtually any angle
  • Adcuff™ nylon cuff with ADC’s proprietary Size Guide™ marking system prevents mis-cuffing
  • Adflow™ filter screen check and deflation valves reduce dust build-up
  • Adflow™ chrome-plated brass air release valve with micro-threads for precise deflation control
  • Leatherette carrying case with durable nylon zipper
  • Assembled, inspected, and packaged in the U.S.A from foreign components
  • Meets or exceeds ANSI/AAMI/ISO 81060-1

Warranty Information

3 years warranty Manometer will be re calibrated free of charge for life.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review