Drive Medical Tamper Proof Magnetic Pull Cord Alarm

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Product Overview

Once the magnetic pull-switch is removed, the alarm sounds on this tamper-proof pull-cord alarm by Drive Medical. The pull-switch, which includes a convenient On/Off switch, activates from any direction and adapts to various situations with a cord that adjusts from 28" to 58". The unit mounts easily on a bed or wheelchair - even on a patient's clothes thanks to an alligator clip. Volume adjusts from 97 to 103 dB on the alarm, which requires one 9V battery (included).

  • When magnetic pull switch is removed, alarm is activated
  • Pull switch can be activated from any direction
  • Convenient On/Off switch for easy activation and deactivation
  • Easily mounts on wheelchair or bed
  • Cord adjusts from 28"– 58"
  • Alligator clip allows for attachment to patient’s clothes
  • 97 – 103 dB
  • One 9V battery included
Warranty Limited 1 Year


    Owners Manual
Owners Manual

Warranty Information

1 Year Limited


(No reviews yet) Write a Review