Drive Medical Colored Upholstery

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Product Overview

This colored upholstery replaces the black upholstery that comes standard with the Trotter Mobility Chairs. It is easily removable for washing. Strong and durable.

  • Choice of colored upholstery easily replaces standard black upholstery


Item #ColorProduct Description
TR 12SB-B Blue for TR 1200
TR 12SB-R Rose for TR 1200
TR 14SB-B Blue for TR 1400
TR 14SB-R Rose for TR 1400
TR 16SB-B Blue for TR 1600
TR 16SB-R Rose for TR 1600
TR 18SB-B Blue for TR 1800
TR 18SB-R Rose for TR 1800

Warranty Information

2 Year Limited


(No reviews yet) Write a Review