American Diagnostic Corporation Stethoscopes

9th Jul 2014

American Diagnostic Corporation Stethoscopes for Healthcare Providers

The ADC Adscope infant clinician stethoscopes are pediatric stethoscopes that are made for the smallest patients. They are ultra sensitive with superior amplification and crisp high speed transmission. They are designed for the comfort of the pediatric patients.

Stethoscopes have come a long way since they were invented in the early 1800’s. Doctor Rene Theophile Hyacinthe Laennnec developed the first stethoscope which resembled a hearing aid of the time called the ear trumpet. They were designed for one ear and were made of wood. In the 1850’s the stethoscope underwent changes and started to resemble today’s bi-aural version. But it wasn’t until the 1950’s that the stethoscope truly resembled what we see in every doctor’s office, hospital and clinic.

ADC Adscope infant clinician stethoscopes are manufactured by American Diagnostic Corporation (ADC). They are well known around the world for manufacturing medical products. It is one of the most well known names in blood pressure instruments and stethoscopes in the United States. Their products are sold in more than sixty countries by millions of healthcare providers.

American Diagnostic Corporation was founded by Marc Blitstein and Neal Weingart in 1983. They brought their extensive knowledge of medical devices along with a vision of committing to quality and significant production in the United States. Vendors and customers view the company as flexible which makes them strive to continue to be the best in the industry. The 44,000 square foot manufacturing facility is located in Hauppauge, New York. Quality control, customer service, distribution and the corporate offices are also located in the New York facility. There are branches located in London, England and Tokyo, Japan.

“The ADC advantage” is what makes them stand out around the world. Their commitment to quality, innovative design, value pricing and social responsibility are just a few of the factors that make them stand out. At ADC they commit to working for the customer (whether a physician, healthcare facility nurse or student) by providing quality products and customer service. They are well known for their relationships with vendors around the world who keep returning for their products and the fact that hey stand behind them with the pride of a company who truly cares. It is rare to find a large company with such outstanding core values in today’s competitive medical equipment industry. Individuals and large hospitals alike find doing business with America Diagnostic Corporation easy to work with and continue to return to them for continued superior quality.

American Diagnostic Corporation is dedicated to bettering the world we live in. They feel a responsibility to help others locally, nationally and internationally. They actively participate in organizations that assist people with disabilities find meaningful employment. They also donate medical supplies to organizations around the world. They are committed to bettering the world we live in. AHRC of Suffolk County, Global Health, Project Hope, Long Island Cares and AmeriCares are just a few benefitting from ADC’s quality equipment. They are committed to helping globally and will continue to do so.