ADC Adscope™ 601 Convertible Cardiology Stethoscope, Chooe Colors

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$160.41 - $185.85
Chestpiece Material:
Surgical Stainless Steel
7.5 oz
28 Inches

Product Overview

One of the most versatile stethoscopes on the market, The ADC Adscope 601 convertible cardiology stethoscope combines the adjustable frequency diaphragm technology with a convertible design.

The unique double sided chest piece has an adult diaphragm and bell configuration available as well as an adult and pediatric diaphragm. The enhanced acoustic response achievable from the adjustable frequency diaphragm technology is accessible in both the adult and pediatric configurations. With a simple change in pressure on the chest piece during examinations, light pressure for the low bell frequency and firm pressure for the diaphragm type high frequency, you will be able to clearly hear any anomalies, allowing you to diagnose quickly and efficiently.

In addition, this unit features an extra deep bell for better low frequency response, and extremely sensitive multi frequency gasketed diaphragms that will give you greater amplification for high frequency response.

The non chill bell and diaphragm retaining rims will make examinations more comfortable for your patients. The ergonomic engineering that has gone into this stethoscope will also make the experience much more comfortable for the medical professional. From the soft and flexible  PVC dual bore lumen, to the threaded Adsoft PVC ear tips, to the included ID tag, this unit has been engineered to supply the most accurate acoustic results and provide the most comfortable experience possible to both the patient and the medical professional. Lightweight at just 7.57 ounces with the adult bell and 8.57 ounces with the pediatric diaphragm, this unit will be easy to keep with you day in and day out.

The Adscope™ 601 series features:

  • Convertible chestpiece provides adult diaphragm/bell or adult/pediatric diaphragm configurations
  • ADC’s AFD Technology provides enhanced acoustic response in both adult and pediatric diaphragm
  • Light pressure for low bell-type frequency, firm pressure for diaphragm type high frequency
  • Chestpiece precisely CNC machined to exacting tolerances from surgical stainless steel for outstanding performance and rugged durability
  • Extra deep bell for unsurpassed low frequency response
  • Ultra-sensitive multifrequency gasketed diaphragms for greater amplification and frequency response
  • Non-chill bell and diaphragm retaining rims for patient comfort
  • Cardiology headset with large bore stainless steel binaurals are fixed at 15° angle to maximize comfort and acoustic seal
  • Bi-lumen (dual bore) 19" PVC tubing stays soft and flexible
  • Adsoft™ threaded PVC eartips for the ultimate in wearing comfort and acoustic seal
  • Tactical model uses black anodized aluminum aural tubes
  • Includes accessory kit with bell chestpiece, extra Adsoft™ and standard eartips
  • Scope ID Tag included
  • Weighs 7.57 oz. (adult bell) and 8.57 oz. (pediatric diaphragm)
  • Overall length 28"
  • Assembled, inspected and packaged in the USA


Warranty Information

Lifetime Warranty covers all parts

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review