Welch Allyn PocketScope Ophthalmoscope

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Product Overview

When you want the quality and diagnostic excellence in a more compact size, look no further than the Welch Allyn PocketScope ophthalmoscope. This lightweight compact scope provides the user with long lasting, consistent, cool, bright white, Halogen light that ensures you observe true tissue color on every exam, with no reflections or obstructions. Twelve aperture and filter combinations including micro, small and large spot sizes as well as a cobalt blue filter for corneal exams, a fixation target and slit aperture as well as a red free filter and unfiltered halogen, provide greater versatility in examination options. In addition the 48 focusing lenses provide unparalleled resolution. This incredibly adaptable, easy to use scope comes with a one year warranty. Preferred by medical professionals throughout the industry for their nearly one hundred years of experience and expertise, the Welch Allyn company makes it their business to stay at the forefront of medical, technological and ergonomic advancements in the field of medical instrumentation. Whether you work in a busy emergency room, a standard medical office, a school medical office or out in the field with a paramedic unit or as a home health care professional, this handy, versatile PocketScope ophthalmoscope will make accurate diagnostics easier and more efficient. When it comes to quality, and reliability, no company is more respected among medical professionals than Welch Allyn because they know what you need and work every hour of every day to make sure they provide it.


Warranty Information

1 Year Warranty


(No reviews yet) Write a Review