Welch Allyn 3.5 V Lithium Ion Rechargeable Handle

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$274.80 - $323.59
7.5” Long x 1.125” Diameter, 5.4” Long without AC Charging Module
7.1 oz, 4.5 oz without AC Charging Module
Charge Time:
18 Hours
Discharge Time:
110 Minutes

Product Overview

Half the weight of conventional 3.5 volt handles, the Welch Allyn 719 lithium ion rechargeable handle fits all Welch Allyn 3.5volt instrument heads. This amazing rechargeable handle is the latest generation in battery technology and provides double the “on” time, 120 minutes, as compared to older models, and comes in a more compact, lighter weight package. The new smarter lithium ion battery technology also means you’ll never have another memory issue with this battery.

The epitome of user friendly, this model even reminds you when to recharge it and gives you a low battery indicator light several minutes before the unit will shut down. Made of durable CYCOLOY engineering resin, this handle can take a beating and keep on going strong. The ergonomically superior design takes your comfort into account, keeping even the rheostat soft and comfortable and allowing for a sure grip.

Charging prongs can be easily accessed from the lower section of the handle and once the unit is fully charged, the prongs can either remain attached to the handle or stored separately in the case, keeping the unit as light weight as possible at all times.

Whether you’re powering an otoscope head, ophthalmoscope head or any of our other Welch Allyn 3.5 volt instrument heads, this top of the line rechargeable handle is the only one you’re going to need. This amazing handle comes with a one year warranty and the rechargeable battery comes with a two year warranty from the manufacture date, printed on the battery.

Available in 3 model options:

  1. AC charging module is easily removable from the handle and has retractable AC prongs (model 71900 only)
  2. Optional charging well adapter allows the handle to be charged in consoles or 71110 Desk Charger
  3. Handle that can only be charged in the desk charger or consoles

Warranty Information

Handle - 1 Year warranty Battery - 2 years from date of manufacturing (Date is printed on Battery)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review