Drive Medical Forearm Platforms

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Product Overview

The Forearm Attachment by Wenzelite provides comfortable support for users that cannot use standard hand grips. They can be mounted anywhere on the handlebars to accommodate the users weight bearing needs.

  • Constructed of lightweight aluminum
  • Height and depth adjustable
  • Handgrips extend forward or back, supinate, pronate and are angle adjustable
  • Contoured armrest with a flexible edge
  • Includes hook and loop fastener straps to prevent arms from slipping
  • Choice of mounting positions - inside or outside of the handlebar for lateral adjustment Spacers are included for additional lateral range
Armrest Length (KA 1035 FPS)  5" 
Armrest Length (KA 1035 FPL)  8" 
Item #Product SizeProduct Height (from handlebar to armrest)
KA 1035 FPS Small 3.5" - 4.5"
KA 1035 FPL Large 5" - 7.5"

Warranty Information

Limited Lifetime


(No reviews yet) Write a Review