Trigger Aneroid

A trigger sphygmomanometer is an essential tool for any nurse, doctor, or med school student. When checking a patient’s blood pressure, you want to ensure you’ll receive reliable results you can count on, and it’s important to choose a device that offers extremely efficient usability and precision.

Having instruments you trust is key to establishing confidence and trust in your patients. As a medical provider (or future medical provider), you have a significant impact on their health, so it’s your responsibility to choose the best tools on the market. You need a blood pressure monitor you can trust to provide flawless readings.

Choose a Trigger Sphygmomanometer You Can Trust

Searching for a new blood pressure monitor? We have a variety of reliable, high-quality instruments to choose from, including:

  • ADC Diagnostix 703 Palm Aneroid Sphygmomanometer: This portable and reliable trigger sphygmomanometer provides the highest-quality results under the most extreme conditions. The palm-style manometer includes an ambidextrous infinite control trigger air release valve, a latex-free bulb and a precision-crafted 300 mmHG Japanese-engineered movement. Enjoy a quick assembly and accurate measurements with this easy-to-use device. You’ll receive a three-year product warranty, so you can rest assured any unexpected malfunctioning will be fully covered. This portable blood pressure monitor is easy to take with you on-the-go and includes its very own leatherette carrying case.

  • Welch Allyn Gold series DS66 Adult Trigger Aneroid Sphygmomanometer: Purchase this shock-resistant trigger sphygmomanometer for accurate results you can count on. This blood pressure monitor features gear-free DuraShock design technology, the first innovation in aneroid technology in one hundred years. Enjoy a comfortable trigger release design, jewel movement for a longer lifespan and a laser-engraved dial face to promote accurate readings. This device comes with three color-coded cuffs, making it easy to identify the different sizes included with purchase. You’ll receive a one-year product warranty and a 15 year calibration warranty with this instrument.

  • Welch Allyn Gold series DS66 Adult Trigger Aneroid Sphygmomanometer: Invest in a trigger sphygmomanometer durable enough to handle a drop from 30 inches without losing calibration. This device is equipped with DuraShock design technology, a soft comfort grip with trigger release, a jewel movement supporting a long lifespan and a laser-engraved face making it easy to read. Four color-coded cuffs are included with this model, making it easy to identify the different sizes. This latex-free blood pressure monitor comes with a one-year product warranty and a 15-year calibration warranty.

Take the time to thoroughly review the specifications of each blood pressure monitor. Each instrument is designed to serve a specific type of practice, so make sure you choose the device that best meets your needs.

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