Drive Medical Suction-Cup Grab Bar

Drive Medical Suction-Cup Grab Bar

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    The 12 inches suction cup grab bar by Drive Medical can be installed and removed without the hassle of tools or professional installation, meaning you can use it right out of the package. The large suction cups provide an extremely strong hold. Release levels make attaching and detaching the bar a cinch. A color indicator shows you whether installation was "safe secure" or if you must "re-affix" the grab bar. The product is guaranteed to not damage your property. The suction cup is 4" in diameter and must make full contact with a smooth surface without breaking grout.

    • Installs and removes without tools or professional installation
    • Can be installed at any angle (Figure A)
    • Will not damage property
    • Large suction cups provide an extremely strong hold
    • Release levers make installing and removing the suction-cup grab bars quick and easy
    • Red/green color indicator shows “safe secure” suction or “re-affix” suction (Figure B - C)
    • Avoid grout lines for proper placement
    • Retail packaged
    Length 12"
    Weight .5 lbs.
    Carton Shipping Weight 1.7 lbs.
    Warranty Limited lifetime



       Owners Manual
    Owners Manual
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    • Drive Medical - Suction Cup Grab Bar (DM)
      See more at Hi, I'm Marcus. You ...

    Drive Medical - Suction Cup Grab Bar (DM)

    See more at Hi, I'm Marcus. You know, for the elderly or those with disabilities or injuries, even a simple thing like getting in and out of a tub or shower can be a challenge. The DRIVE MEDICAL SUCTION CUP GRAB BAR can help. It provides balance assistance, security and the convenience of mobility. Perfect for the bathroom, which is where the greatest number of household falls occur. The bar comes in a variety of sizes to fit your lifestyle. It attaches and removes easily, in just seconds. Drilling holes is not required for installation, in fact, you don't need any tools or adhesives. Here's how it works. Start with any smooth, solid surface, such as ceramic, marble or porcelain. First, make sure these vacuum levers are loose. Press the rubber discs to the surface, and make sure the discs are not covering any cracks, joints, or grouting lines. Now, press down on one tilting lever, like this, then the other one. This indicator on the side of the suction cup will change from RED to GREEN, to show that you've got the proper suction and a safe and secure hold. You'll get a feel for the vacuum strength once you've used it on a regular basis. When both indicators are green, you're ready to use the bar for balance assist. It's not intended for full body support. And releasing it is a snap. Just release both latches, like this, and slide your fingertips under the rubber suction cups to break the seal. It's ready to use again, whenever and wherever you need it... including on-the-road even when you are traveling. The DRIVE MEDICAL SUCTION CUP GRAB BAR is safe, secure and easy to install. Get it today, and help make your home safer!
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    Limited Lifetime

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