Drive Medical Anti-Tippers

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    This Anti Tippers with Wheels will prevent your wheelchair from tipping backwards. These should only be used with Drive Medical Sentra, Sentra EC, Sentra Heavy Duty, Sentra Recliner and Winnie Series wheelchairs.

    Item #Product DescriptionColorFor Use With
    STDS802 Anti-Tippers With Wheels Chrome Sentra, Sentra EC, Sentra Heavy Duty, Sentra Reclining and Winnie Series wheelchairs
    STDS805 Standard Black Cirrus IV wheelchairs with silver finish (without adjustable height arms)
    STDS814 Anti-Tippers With Wheels Black 12" and 14" Viper, Winnie II, Infinity, and Super Hemi Kit (Item #STDSSHK)
    STDS819 Anti-Tippers With Wheels Black Cruiser III wheelchairs
    STDS829 Anti-Tippers With Wheels, Chrome Chrome Sentra Heavy Duty, Sentra Heavy Duty (Extra -Extra Wide) (26", 28", 30")
    STDS2A4326 With Wheels Chrome Cougar wheelchair
    STDS807 Anti-Tippers With Wheels Black Viper, Viper Plus GT, Cruiser III and most other leading manufacturers' wheelchairs
    STDS808 With Wheels Chrome Viper, Viper Plus GT, Cruiser III and most other leading manufacturers’ wheelchairs
    STDS818 Anti-Tippers without Wheels, Chrome Chrome Sentra Reclining, Silver Sport 1 & 2, Chrome Sport, Baratric Sentra EC Heavy Duty wheelchairs.
    STDS4Y4712 Anti-Tippers Without Wheels Silver Vein Silver Sport Reclining wheelchair
    STDS832 Without Wheels Black Viper Plus Reclining
    STDS833N Anti-Tippers With Wheels Black Black Silver Sport 1 and Silver Sport 2, Rebel and Chrome Sport wheelchairs
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