ADC Proscope 675 Dual Head Pediatric Stethoscope Model 675TL Color Teal

ADC Proscope 675 Dual Head Pediatric Stethoscope

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    A popular pediatric version of an amazing Proscope, the ADC Proscope 675 Dual Head Pediatric stethoscope has everything you’ve come to expect from an ADC scope and comes at an incredibly affordable price. Whether you’re a student and need to control your expenses, or you’re trying to outfit your pediatric office with top of the line equipment, this model is going to provide everything you need for expert diagnostics at a fraction of the price of typical stethoscopes.

    The perfectly sized lightweight aluminum combination chest piece is just 1 ¼” on the diaphragm side and ¾” on the bell side and both come with a wonderful non chill features to make examinations comfortable for your little patients. With the bell side providing low frequencies and the proprietary diaphragm side providing a 50% enhanced acoustic response over traditional diaphragm designs, you’ll find diagnostics are a breeze.

    The super comfortable features of this three ounce scope including, our adjustable aluminum binaural which is molded into the super soft and flexible 22” PVC tubing and ends in our patented PVC ear tips, will make your job easier and more efficient. The affordability of this model and the 21 color choices means you can buy a different one for every day if you want to. The one year warranty and extras like a spare pair of black mushroom ear tips included with unit, as well as the fact that it’s packaged and inspected in the United States, means you can feel good about your purchase.

    Proscope™ 675, Pediatric Dual-Head Scope features:

    • Lightweight aluminum combination chestpiece with 1 1/4" diaphragm and 3/4" non-chill bell & rim
    • Adjustable aluminum binaurals with PVC eartips
    • Flexible 22" PVC tubing
    • Choice of 21 tubing colors
    • Spare pair of black mushroom eartips included
    • Weighs 3 oz.
    • Overall length 31 1/2"
    • Inspected and packaged in the U.S.A.
    • One Year Warranty


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    • ADC Proscope™

    ADC Proscope™

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    1 Year Warranty

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