ADC Proscope 665 Disposable Stethoscope In Bulk Model 665 Color Royal Blue

ADC Proscope 665 Disposable Stethoscope In Bulk 2 Colors

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    A disposable stethoscope with high quality acoustic performance may seem impossible, but the ADC Proscope 665 Disposable stethoscope proves it is possible. This ultra lightweight 1.5 ounce nurse style model features a diaphragm only single side chest piece and is made of ABS construction throughout. Remarkably durable for its weight, this model provides exceptional acoustic performance. Individually packaged in sealed polybags, this model comes with 10 units per carton and 10 cartons per case. Easily sterilized with Ethylene Oxide (ETO) procedures, the scope may then be safely incinerated. When cross contamination is a serious danger, these scopes will be a first line of defense against spreading infection while still allowing the medical professional to provide excellent patient care. The 32 inch overall length allows medical professionals to keep a safe distance while still being able to perform accurate and efficient diagnostics. Particularly effective when triaging large natural disasters and infectious trauma situations, they are also perfect for use in paramedic, military, industrial, educational and penitentiary applications. Two color options allow for further differentiation of purpose when dealing with situations that may require that. Affordable enough to be used as a convenient teaching tool for lifeguards, scouting groups, first aid classes and beginning students in the medical fields. Whether you’re dealing with a dangerous infectious situation, or you just want to have disposable scopes on hand for instructional purposes, these durable, ultra lightweight scopes will prove their usefulness on a daily basis for any of these applications.

    The Proscope™ 665 series features:

    • Nurse style diaphragm only single patient use scope
    • ABS construction throughout is super lightweight
    • May be ETO sterilized and safely incinerated
    • Ultra-sensitive diaphragm for outstanding acoustic performance
    • Individually packaged in a sealed polybag
    • Weighs 1.5 oz. for comfort, yet is remarkably durable
    • Overall length 32”
    • 10 units per shelf carton /10 shelf cartons (100 scopes) per case
    • Made in China

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    • ADC Proscope™

    ADC Proscope™

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