ADC Proscope 664 Disposable Stethoscope Model 664Y Color yellow

ADC Proscope 664 Disposable Stethoscope 2 colors

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    When you’re trying to prevent cross contamination, you’ll want this hybrid ADC Proscope 664 Disposable stethoscope that combines a traditional lightweight aluminum alloy headset with a disposable chest piece. The disposable ABS chest piece comes equipped with a non chill rim, which allows you the ability to perform a comfortable exam on your patients. Equipped with an aluminum binaural and soft, flexible 22 inch PVC y-tubing, this 2.5 ounce ultra light weight model will make it possible to perform exams on multiple patients without any fear of cross contamination. This disposable system comes with individually poly bagged chest pieces, 25 to a carton and two cartons to a case. The overall length of 32 inches makes it easy to carry on your neck as you move from patient to patient. This disposable model comes in two colors allowing you to differentiate uses if required. Ideal for large trauma or natural disaster situations as well as free clinic and field operations, this unit will give you the acoustics you need and the clean functionality the disposable chest piece offers. Perfect for home health care professionals, you can use this model with a fresh chest piece for every patient, ensuring safety and comfort with every exam. This model is a natural choice for industrial medical offices, school medical offices, summer camp medical offices and of course is completely appropriate for paramedic and military field situations. Whenever infection and cross contamination are a concern, disposable chest pieces are the first step in stopping the spread of disease.

    The Proscope™ 664 series features:

    • Diaphragm only disposable ABS chestpiece with non-chill rim for patient comfort
    • 22” PVC Y-tubing
    • Aluminum binaurals
    • Weighs 2.5 oz., Overall length 32”
    • Individually polybagged, 25/carton, 2 cartons (50 ea)/case
    • Made in China

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    • ADC Proscope™

    ADC Proscope™

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