ADC Proscope 662 Bowles Head Stethoscope Model 662BK Color Black

ADC Proscope 662 Bowles Head Stethoscope

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    Whether you’re a student just starting out in a medical field and trying to cut costs while making sure you have good equipment, or you’re a medical professional trying to outfit an entire office, or you just want to have a good stethoscope at home in case you need it, this ADC Proscope 662 Bowles Head stethoscope is going to meet your needs at an incredibly reasonable price point. The simple yet elegant and practical design of this model features, a chrome plated zinc 1 5/8” diaphragm only chest piece, with a conventional raised stem. Lightweight at only 3.25 ounces and long enough at 32.5 inches to wear comfortably around your neck, this easy to use model is going to come in handy in most diagnostic situations. With a one year warranty, you can feel comfortable that we stand behind our products. This model is a favorite of moms and home health care givers everywhere. The lightweight and convenient durable design of this model, make it a favorite for keeping in first aid kits. The affordable price means you can have several and not break the bank. If you have a home with more than one story, you’ll want to have one on each floor for easy accessibility and in your camping first aid kit if you’re an outdoor enthusiast. Home health care professionals will find this easy to use, lightweight model, handy to have in their kit when they are making their rounds.

    The 662 Bowles Scope features:

    • Chrome-plated zinc diaphragm (1 5/8") only chestpiece with traditional raised stem design
    • Black tubing only
    • Weighs 3.25 oz.
    • Overall length 32.5"

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    • ADC Proscope™

    ADC Proscope™

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    1 Year Warranty

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