3M Littmann Stethoscope Clasic II S.E. 28" Color Pearl Pink Model 2817

3M Littmann Classic II S.E.Stethoscope 28", Pearl Pink

2817-pearl pink
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    Designed especially for physical assessments and diagnostics, the 3M Littmann Classic II S.E. 28” stethoscope is a favorite among medical professionals. With 22 tube colors to choose from, you may want to get several so you can match it to your mood or Scrub. Brighter more cheerful colors will often put patients at ease, particularly when you’re examining pediatric or juvenile patients.

    This classic non electronic stethoscope has all of the benefits you’d expect from Littmann, including the soft seal ear tips and patented snap tight technology you’ve come to expect from 3M. With a guaranteed one million flex reliability of the ear pieces, this stethoscope is very durable and will withstand the toughest situations.

    You’ll also appreciate the flexibility the two sided chest piece gives you, with an open bell on one side and the tunable diaphragm on the other side. The 3M tunable diaphragm technology allows you to switch from hearing low frequency tones to high frequency tones with a simple adjustment in pressure on your patient’s chest.

    The rugged, compact, versatile design and amazing acoustic sensitivity of this unit makes it the stethoscope many students buy when they start school and continue to use throughout their lives, in their medical practice.

    The Littmann brand is well known and well loved by medical professionals in every area from respiratory specialists, to cardiologists, to paramedics, and nurses. Whether you use your Classic II S.E. in a doctor’s office, lab, in a hospital setting or out in the field, this unit will be the one that never lets you down

    Benefits •

    • Two-sided traditional combination chestpiece. • 
    • Tunable diaphragm on one side, traditional bell on the other. • 
    • Anatomically designed headset.




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    Littmann Classic II SE

  • Warranty Information

    3 year warranty

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