3M Littmann Cardiology III 27" Special Edtion Stethoscope

3M Littmann Cardiology III 27" Special Edtion Stethoscope, Choose Color

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    The Littmann Cardiology III Special Edition not only comes in a wide array of entertaining colors, but is also loaded with the features that physicians -- specifically cardiologists -- desire in a stethoscope. The many benefits associated with this piece of equipment will transform your practice.

    Make Your Job a Bit Easier

    We understand that providing an accurate diagnosis to your patients is your top priority, which is why we offer a versatile stethoscope that is perfect for the busy physician. This 27” stethoscope was designed to quickly alternate between bell and diaphragm mode to hear both high and low frequencies. Cardiologists especially love the double-sided chest piece for use on both adult and pediatric patients.  

    The Littmann Cardiology III colors the world of both the physician and the patient. In an otherwise bleak setting, your patients will love seeing an exciting color that brings a bit of brightness to their day.

    Comfort and Accuracy

    The longer length of the 27” special edition stethoscope makes examinations more comfortable for taller physicians. Snap tight, soft ear tips mold into your ear to create a comfortable resting position without the interference of background noise.

    Dual lumen tubing allows for ease in hearing minute details with great acoustics without the sound of friction. This durable Littmann Cardiology 3 Special Edition Stethoscope is durable for everyday use and studies have found that the tubing is flexible after over one million uses. The special edition stethoscope delivers the same quality you would expect from other Littmann products available from Baron Medical.

    Choose your colorful special edition Littmann stethoscope from Baron Medical today!


    • Double-sided chestpiece, for adult and pediatric auscultation
    • Pediatric side can be converted to an open bell for low frequencies using non-chill bell sleeve (included).
    • Pressure-based sound frequency adjustment with tunable diaphragm
    • Parallel noise-reducing sound channels in the tubes




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    Choosing the Right 3M™ Littmann® Stethoscope for Your Clinical Needs

  • Warranty Information

    5-year warranty

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